Everything Is Made In China - Automatic Movements

Everything Is Made In China (EIMIC) is three-piece post rock\indie rock band from Russia. They were formed in 2005. They are ifluenced with artists such as: Mogwai, Broken Social Scene, Smashing Pumpkins and The Most Serene Republic... They're first recorde ''4'' appeared in summer 2007 after being recorded at Chemical Sound Studios in Toronto, Canada. The band members are: Max Fedorov on vocals, lead guitar and percussion, Phil Premyak on bass guitar and keyboards and Alex Zotov on the drums.

Artist: Everything Is Made In China (EIMIC)
Automatic Movements
Genre: Post-rock\Ambient\Indie Rock
Year: 2009
Origin: Moscow, Russia


Everything Is Made In China - Sleepwalking

Everything Is Made In China - Held Back Clapping



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