Estimation of Radiohead's new album - ''King Of The Limbs''

As we all know Radiohead has just released new album called ''King Of The Limbs''. Everyone was expecting that this album would be a masterpiece and plus the fact that this was their comeback album was very surprising, but unfortunately this wasn't a masterpiece. I can't say anything bad about the ''Kings of the Limbs'' , but if you look closer you'll realize that many songs are same... The album is full of electronical stuffs and catchy rhythms. As alway Thom Yorke's vocals sounds great, this doesn't need any argumentation.
I didn't like the fact that there is only 8 songs in the album. I really liked 2 songs: ''Lotus Flower'' and ''Separator''. In the song Separator you can hear little guitar sounds and rhythms, which are really in style of Johnny Greenwood.
At the end of this article i can say that this is not a bad album, but they could do it better and that's the fact...


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